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What Happened To Us?

Alot actually.

Image of Radford Castro



This is a soft launch of our website. We've been offline for a few months now but we're ready to start pushing out new posts.

Tony, who has been working on the YouTube/video portion of the company and is also the Editor-in-chief, has been realigning with me to get things kicking.

We used to be on Wordpress but decided on Ghost - our new blogging platform. With a new blogging platform came with some caveates: less theme selections, less features, etc. So why the change? We wanted speed and something that was setup for professional publishing. This is not to say that Wordpress was not capable. It just became a huge maintenance nightmare once we started pushing a number of plugins into the site.

Anyway, we won't bore you with the details.

We're back and we're trying to find our voice and our angle again.

Thanks for visiting.

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