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This AI Robot Is The Next Thing After Amazon Echo And Google Home

Pixar's infamous lamp, Luxo, just found its futuristic cousin.



Raven Tech's Raven R Robot is a voice-activated speaker that makes use of a detachable dot-based LED screen that flips up and lets you control all aspects of your smart home. The device also reacts to touch and is built upon a platform (DuerOS) that would supposedly be accessible via API. Once connected to your home network, the tower-like device can check out your NBA scores, turn on your lights, and play music.

Its shape, which is reminiscent to Pixar's Luxo lamp, can express variety of emotions and can hang with a beat.

Raven Tech, which was acquired by Chinese tech giant Baidu last year, is a startup which focus on artificial intelligent, big data and the next generation operating system. The company is the fifth alumni of Microsoft Venture Accelerator and the only one startup team from mainland China in Y Combinator W15.

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