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Now Is The Best Time To Buy A TV

Manufacturers are pulling out all the stops. LG, Sony (and even NVidia) are all playing in the role to push the sharpest pixels.

Image of Radford Castro



Television companies were all out pushing their screens this year, as they do at every CES. LG is now working with Google and Amazon to push Assistant and Alexa repsectively. The company, now known for pushing high-end OLED sets, unveiled an 88-inch 8K OLED prototype.


Why? Like previous CES years, it's a pissing contest in pixels. On the other end of the spectrum, Sony added Dolby Vision support to its own OLED and LED TVs, while Panasonic got behind rival dynamic standard HDR10+. The only company sitting in the shadows this time around, interestingly, was Samsung. The Korean-based company was actually quiet this year in terms of introducing new models but they are busy building the engine before building the car. In this case, QLED - which Samsung is trying to make a thing.

And TCL’s excellent Roku-powered P-Series got a further improved successor in the 6 Series, which may well be the best value 4K TV of 2018.


And that's saying something. 4K is now the standard and CES is always going to push future technology much closer towards the present. In the normal world (e.g. Beat Buy), someone is seeing a $500 4KTV at 50 inches. It's quite astounding to see prices this low at this point in time.

Five to six years ago, We saw 4Ks at over $15,000 at CES. We’re starting to see more interesting developments where TV technologies are pushing towards computer monitors and more thus pushing more volume through the elctronic manufacturers and ultimately driving consumers to buy last years models.

Maybe none of the ideas we see at CES will take off, and that’s okay. It’s what CES is all about. But what really matters is that once you wade through the spec sheets and format wars, there’s never been a better time to buy rectangles of pixels — and that reality was driven home time and time again at this year’s show.

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