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How I Keep Up With News, Shows & Movies

It's not rocket science, it's budgeting.

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We now live in an age where we truly can have ALL THE THINGS but unfortunately that means spending all your money and all your time. Or does it? There are two extremes that one could approach this situation. One: Pay for all the services and never stop watching. Two: Illegally download all your shows and never stop watching. I like to think there's a third option, a happy medium. And that's what I use.

First thing you need to do is cut your cable. Snip it good. Then find a resonable ISP in your area that offers better than decent speeds for a good price. Then now here's the hard part; the part I cannot decide for you unless you want to watch exactly what I watch. Decide for yourself what shows you will watch. Will you be dedicated to them and see it through? Or are you using these shows as background audio/video while you do more important things with your life. Laundry for example. If I had to break it down, my daily viewing habits would look like this:

  • Breaking News at Breakfast via YouTube/Twitter
  • Tech News and Pop Culture Commentary Videos at Lunch/Break
  • Netflix in the Background after Dinner

It's as simple as that. Thanks to a friend who's added me to his Plex account, I now have 80 more movies and TV shows I have access to. But I know eventually, I'll watch them all. I binge too much, I'll admit that. But I binge on my time and always dedicate my attention during work and family time. Like I said, it's not rocket science.

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