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A quickie about us

The Lazy Tech Guys, which was originally founded in 2010, was a small team of five passionate techies pushing out tons of content that had anything to do with tech. It was informative but familiar.

Our main reason for changing to LAZYTECH.TV is that we're now really focused on something. We're not sure yet but we realize the world has a short attention and we are gleefully giving in to make it shorter. Plus, there's only two of us now.

There's no shortage of tech sites that will cover gadgets and make comparisons. We love to do that.

What you're seeing now, you've probably seen before - and that's ok. We are looking to cover stuff that may have been unseen, underreported, or dismissed altogether. Basically, we're either too late or too lazy to follow the trends. But you can bet that when we do cover it, it'll look good.

Thanks for reading our excuses.

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