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5 Things We Saw At CES That Deserved Attention

Between the lights of the Las Vegas Strip’s casinos and flamboyant booths of the world’s top technology companies, the International Consumer Electronics Show is pure eye candy.

As attendees zip past the super thin 4KTVs and VR goggles, they’ll find a couple gems — most of which we at LZTV can’t afford anyway.

Here are the five we thought deserved a little love and some camera time:

1. Project Ariana

From Razer: “The world’s first video projection system designed for immersive gaming, Project Ariana is a cutting-edge video projector which uses an ultra-wide fish eye lens and advanced processing capabilities to take your game beyond your setup, extending it to your entire room.”

When the projector automatically adapted the projection to the size and dimensions of the room, we were blown away. Project Ariana uses a pair of 3D cameras together with a custom calibration software to automatically detect the monitor and environmental factors such as furniture and room lighting. What was demonstrated was impressive to say the least.

2. Hisense’s 100-inch “4KTV”

We say “4KTV” because the Hisense 100H10D, isn’t an actual TV. While  100 inches is still gigantic and exceedingly rare, there’s a small caveat. It’s a projection system, consisting of an included screen and surround-sound system along with a short-throw laser projector that sits a few inches away from the screen it projects to. It is counter to traditional projectors that are mounted on the ceilings but its short distance helps with the brightness – even when surrounded by the bright and shiny booths at CES. So what brought the cameras there? Considering its size, it’s $17,000 and ships this summer with a surround amp built in for good measure. Its closest competitor as of this writing is Sony’s Z9D at $60,000. And nope, no surround receiver comes with that one.

3. LG’s OLED-based 4KTV Tunnel

“Doesn’t it feel like you are standing in the scenery?” says one attendee.

The LG OLED 4KTV tunnel was not just a booth, it was a complete attraction. Located at the company’s entryway, this amazing spectacle drew large number of attendees. The arrangement was reminiscent of of the Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vega. Not nearly as big or bright but it appeared like you were floating in space – in 4K with much deeper blacks.

According to LG, 216 55″ OLED TVs were used to create the tunnel. The model? The 55UF5C – a flagship TV. At 49 feet long, 24 feet wide, and 16 feet high, the demo was like a crowd inside Disneyland’s infamous Space Mountain minus the lines and the wait. For three minutes, it featured some impressive ocean video featuring whales as well as the Earth and various nebulae and other astronomical bodies against a starfield in space – all of which underscored OLED’s picture quality to reproduce true black.

4. The FF91 Car

Faraday Future threw its cards on the table in Las Vegas at the 2017 CES. The China-funded would-be Tesla rival has been challenged by its US contemporaries as of late. But even after concerns of key executives leaving and its uncertain future rounds of financing, Faraday Future took the wraps off its FF91 electric vehicle, a more production looking version compared to its single-seat FFZERO1 concept car it displayed at the same show a year ago.

5. Project Valerie

Finally, we have Project Valerie. Pure insanity at its best – triple displays in a laptop. Each of the laptop’s 17.3-inch displays pushes 4K. That’s 12K in total making it 12 times the resolution of your 1080p TV at home. The three screens unfold automatically in seconds when the laptop is powered on and transforms back to roll out when it’s time to hit the road. Not that you’ll be hitting the road too frequently with this baby, as it weighs in at a whopping 12lbs. When compared to some of the smaller all-in-one desktops today, it weighs more than your average desktop computer.

Although we were able to get our hands on this bad boy, Project Valerie is still only a proof of concept and, as such, you probably won’t be able to preorder one yourself. However, this is Razer. And the company (now known for making half inch gaming laptops)has a history of bringing insane concept devices to market.



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