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Smart Cube Stops Prying Fingers From Opening Drawers

Smart Armor’s project – the Smart Cube – is a Bluetooth-connected lock that can be placed in any drawer or box which operates as an IoT (Internet of Things). It is one of the latest crowdfunded devices which found space on the CES floor. The Smart Cube uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to pair with your phone, tablet or other device. While the device can be mounted with conventional screws, you can certainly take the lazy route to install the drawer with double-sided tape which Smart Armor claims can stand up to 100 pounds of force. Of course, a traditional installation will likely keep prying eyes and intuitive kids while keeping it closed.

Those among the truly paranoid can get alerts on their phones or tablets if someone tries to tamper with the secured drawer.

The battery, which uses a camera-style type, is expected to last between 1-2 years. Additionally, Smart Cube can integrate into any home network via API (Nest, Kwikset, Phillips Hue, etc).

Smart Armor sees potential use cases in people who have young children, roommates or AirBNB guests. On Indiegogo, it met the $50,000 goal in just a few days and is expected to go on sale by March. The lock’s MSRP is $89, while a 3-pack is available for pre-order at a price of $225.


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