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10 Years Ago - Samsung's 61-Inch Rear Projection With LED

"Now if I could only sync my phone with this baby..."

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We got this clip from the August/July 2007 issue of Sound & Vision - a magazine designed mostly for audio and videophiles.


The page reads:

Light Force LEDs are superior to regular bulbs in many ways: They last longer, eat up less power product more uniform color, and achieve full brightness almost the instant you turn them on. No surprise then that Samsung is putting LEDs in a bunch of its 1080p rear projection the DLP sets including the 61-inch top-of-the-line
HL-T6189S. For DLP, it might be a bright future after all. The three HTMI 1.3 connections don't just bring you the deepest color possible; you can also operate your other gear through them via CEC tech."

Sidenote: CEC Tech is an old school feature where HDMI can allow users to command and control devices connected through HDMI.

It continues:

The suit is on board, for wireless had four missing, too. Now if I can only sync my phone with this baby...

In the same page below Samsung's DLP 'beast' was a 68-pound $2,499 audio reciever by the now defunct NAD Electronics. It pushed 140 watts per channel in 7.1. Yes, we had 7.1 back in 2007.

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